Monday, January 12, 2009

Book Reviews, Literary Criticism, and Interviews: Drama/Playscripts



Have you recently read a playscript that you absolutely loved or hated and would like to review it?

Have you written an astute piece of literary criticism that needs an online home?

Have you interviewed a favorite playwright? may be the right place for your work. We are actively seeking reviews, literary criticism, and interviews of playwrights. Previously published work (in print) is okay. Works previously posted online will be excerpted and linked to the original source.

This site is open to those of you who want to review the written version of plays (in other words, no reviews of performances), traditional or experimental.
    For more information, Please submit your review to the editor.

    In your subject line, Please type "The Editor: Drama Review Submission for"

    We receive a lot of spam, so we need to differentiate between valid submissions and junk.

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